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Welcome to our web page for all automotive services for Audi. Our service center for Audi in Montreal is not just an auto garage like any other, our dedicated staff take great pleasure in providing you with the best auto mechanic services for Audi and auto body and auto body repair services for Audi vehicles. Our team is made up of dynamic and warm members who want to ensure the full satisfaction of each of our customers. Art Auto Sport also offers you the following services: automobile mechanics, automobile bodywork, automobile dent removal, car maintenance and maintenance for Audi automobile brands.

Automotive Mechanics for Audi

Art Auto Sport center automobile has a team of mechanics for Audi mechanical services in Montreal. Our staff masters every aspect of the mechanics for Audi vehicles. Our mechanical services for Audi guarantee you increased safety while driving your vehicle. Periodic maintenance is essential to ensure the good performance of your Audi; Entrust it to our auto mechanic service for Audi. Our mechanical service plan for Audi covers maintenance visits and assures you of the best auto mechanic service for your Audi in Montreal.For us, it is a privilege to do the maintenance, maintenance and mechanical repair of Audi vehicles. Center automobile Art Auto Sport guarantees that your Audi will be in good hands!

Bodywork for Audi

Art Auto Sport in Montreal is revolutionizing the bodywork and dent removal service for Audi by offering you an emergency service in the event of an accident or collision resulting in damage to your Audi vehicle. Our team is highly qualified to provide you with superior quality work. Our auto body and dent removal center for Audi in Laval provides you with the best aesthetic services for Audi. With our bodywork, dent removal and aesthetics package, we will restore your Audi to its original condition.

Brakes for Audi:  
Check or have your Audi brakes checked to make sure that the braking is uniform. If you feel it pulling or there is unusual resistance when you step on the pedal, or if you hear unusual squealing or squealing, it may mean that your Audi vehicle’s brake system needs to be repaired.

Maintenance for Audi: 
Check the condition of the timing belt tensioner, damping pulleys and tensioner pulleys and replace if necessary.